image004Hold Your Hands Out in Front of You

  •  Think – what important things you use your hands for everyday?
    • touch your spouse or loved one
    • hug your child
    • prepare and eat a meal
  • Think – how would it feel to be unable to do these things due to a hand injury?
    • the impact it would have on your life to lose a hand(s) or fingers(s) would be enormous

Hands are Exposed to Many Hazards

  • cuts from sharp objects
  • smashing
  • pinching
  • moving machinery
  • environment contact (heat, cold, plants, insects)
  • chemicals

Root Causes of Hand Injuries

  • inattention due to complacency or lack of focus
  • inadequate assessment of risk
  • cutting corners or rushing
  • lifting or applying force incorrectly
  • using the incorrect tool
  • using the wrong or failing to utilize personal protective equipment

Even when people seem to know of the existence of a hazard… hand and finger injuries still seem to happen. WHY?

  • “It won’t happen to me.”
  • “I’ve been doing it that way for years.”
  • “I don’t know of a better way?”
  • “It’s faster this way.”
  • and many, many more…

What Can You Do to Prevent Injury

  • STOP before you jump in!
  • OBSERVE the work area and surroundings and BE AWARE of all the possible hazards, assess the risks and then take steps to control them.
  • UNDERSTAND the task you are about to begin. If you have any doubts – STOP and ask questions.
  • THINK – is this the procedure for the task I am about to do correct and the best way? If you have doubts STOP and determine a safer way to proceed.
  • Provide FEEDBACK to your co-workers and managers about your concerns. You might just save someone else’s hand(s) or finger(s).

Ask Yourself

  • What happens if the wrench, knife or tool slips? Is there anything I can hit? Can I cut myself on anything?
  • What hazard could be in the place that I am about to put my hand(s) or finger(s)?
  • Is this liquid harmful to my skin or body?
  • Can I get burned?
  • What else can happen or go wrong?
  • Have I protected my hands and finger with the right PPE?

What are some of the dangers your hands are near everyday… at work or home?

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